When It Rains … Alfa Romeo’s All-Weather Suit Still Looks Dapper as Hell
By Shari Gab / June 22, 2017 9:00 am

Earlier this year ago, Rolls Royce interrupted their regularly scheduled programming to design a very handsome pair of tuxes. The pieces were a reflection of the rides that inspired them — very fine, not very practical and definitely not priced to move.

It appears at least one of their competitors took note. Because Alfa Romeo just teamed up with British tailor Hawes & Curtis on a collection of suits that don’t only look good — they’re also built to function superbly in all conditions, much like the Alfa Romeo itself.

alfa suit (4 images)

Crafted of superior water-resistant Italian wool from Hawes & Curtis’s 1913 collection, the suit borrows details from the auto world without, y’know, looking like a suit designed by a gearhead. Translation: don’t expect racing stripes or a louvred back vent. Do expect a “honeycomb grille” mesh lining to regulate heat, carbon-fiber buttons and contrast red stitching.

“The limited edition pieces are inspired by the Giulietta’s refined design features and performance,” said designer Kate Regan in a press release. “Beautiful details such as the fluid lines of the car and the characteristic red highlights along the interior upholstery are echoed in the garments. I designed the items having in mind the corporate professionals who appreciate sleek design, attention to detail and impeccable quality.”

And, of course, not walking around town in a sopping wet suit.