Sex & Dating | August 3, 2016 9:00 am

Who’s Having More Sex: Republicans or Democrats?

Here's the most important poll of this Election Year

Looks like “Conservative” America has a double meaning.

This thanks to a survey from upstart condom brand SKYN.

SKYN condoms polled 5,000+ people ages 18-34 on political affiliation and sexual practices. Both Republicans and Democrats weighed in.

Here’s how likely the respective parties were to answer “yes” to the following questions.

The breakdown: Democrats are gettin’ it more. Republicans are either having more children or exploring the topsy-turvy world of STIs. Democrats are more self-serving (which seems counterintuitive), but Republicans are happier.

The breakdown: Looks like SKYN should spend more R&D money educating everyone about the fact that water (pools, hot tubs, etc.) is a horrible, horrible lubricant.  Get to land and try this, you crazy mammals.

And, finally, everyone wants to sleep with a Democrat.

Although it should be noted that this survey took place prior to Conservative America’s meltdown over seeing Bradley Cooper at the DNC last week.