Sex & Dating | July 22, 2021 9:15 am

The 10 Best Waterproof Sex Toys for a Wet Hot Summer of Sex

Featuring water-ready products from Dame, Lelo, Maude and all of our favorite sexual wellness retailers

Various waterproof sex toys and vibrators on a purple background
Toys and intimacy products that will make a splash this summer
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Ah summer, the hottest time of the year both literally and metaphorically. In case you haven’t heard, this summer has been widely forecasted to be a particularly hot one — and I’m not just talking about the record-breaking heat waves blanketing various parts of the country. This post-pandemic summer goes by many names: Hot Vax Summer, the Summer of Sex, etc. But a summer by any other name would be as horny, and whatever you call it, this one is going to be a hot one.

As anyone who has ever hooked up in a summer fling’s un-air conditioned apartment knows, however, hot sex in the literal heat has a tendency to turn more swampy than steamy pretty quickly. One surefire way to beat the literal heat without the turning down the figurative temps on your sex sessions this summer: just add water.

Whether your amorously aquatic activities find you making out in the pool, getting it on in the shower or cooling off in a refreshing post-sex bath, incorporating water-based play into your sex schedule this summer can help you cool down before, during or after sex, all while adding a little seasonal novelty to your summertime rendezvous. If you want to take the novelty (and your orgasms) a step further, you can also enhance your water-based play with any of a wide variety of fully waterproof sex toys and intimacy products designed with a wet hot summer of sex in mind. So grab a toy and a partner (or just yourself) and cool off with a sexy splash in the watery locale of your choice. 

Lelo LOKI Wave VIbrator on purple background

Lelo Loki Wave

Lelo makes some of the best-looking sex toys around, and their wide range of offerings designed for male bodies are downright handsome. A prostate massager is a must-have for any man’s sex toy collection, and the Loki Wave offers a sleek, high-tech model that provides both external and internal stimulation, complete with a fully waterproof design that invites a man to ride the waves of 10 different stimulation settings wherever water-based play may take him.

pom flexible vibrator on a womans leg

In partnership with Dame


Make bath time (or pool time or whatever kind of aquatic playtime your water-based encounters find you enjoying this summer) lots of fun with Pom, Dame’s fully waterproof vibrator that fits right in the palm of your hand. Soft and flexible, Pom conforms perfectly to the shape of your hand, as well as whatever body parts you choose to use it on — whether your own or a partner’s. Small, pliable and easy to hold and adjust, Pom won’t slip away from you while you’re splashing about, and five different intensity settings make it a versatile addition to whatever kind of water-based play fits the mood, whether a relaxing bath to unwind and de-stress, or the splashiest of summertime sex sessions.

Pink We-Vibe Chorus couples vibrator on purple background

We-Vibe Chorus

Wearable, waterproof and designed for mutual pleasure, the We-Vibe Chorus is perfect for cooling off with a partner this summer. Best known for couples vibes, We-Vibe is the go-to when it comes to toys for partnered play, and optional remote-controlled use allows you to take control of a partner’s pleasure from a distance.

Brown jar of Foria Intimacy Bath Salts on purple background

Foria Intimacy Bath Salts

If you’re not yet familiar with the wonders of the sex bath, you’re missing out. Cuddling up in the tub together before, during or after sex can be a great way to enhance intimacy, and cooling off in the tub is the perfect way to stay close while avoiding a sweaty post-sex cuddle session. Foria’s CDB bath salts are formulated with intimacy in mind, designed to awaken the senses and set the mood. 

Blue penis ring on purple background
Organic Loven

Organic Loven Romp Juke Cock Ring

An ultra-smooth, super comfortable yet powerful vibrating c-ring perfect for delaying climax or stimulating a partner. Completely waterproof and made from flexible, body-safe silicone, you can wear the ROMP Juke in the bath, shower, or really anywhere else you want to wear a cock ring. 

Green bottle of lube on purple background

Emojibator Phuksaus CBD Lubricant 

If there’s one downside to water-based sex, it’s that water has an ironic way of making certain body parts a lot less wet. Unfortunately, most lube isn’t much help when water’s involved, but Emojibator’s Phuksaus CBD lube holds its own during shower play. All-natural and vegan, this CBD-enhanced lube is designed to increase blood flow and pelvic relaxation, and it’s also safe to use with any silicone-based toys. 

Purple vibrator on purple background

We-Vibe Touch

A classic mini-vibe perfect for use during foreplay, penetrative sex or solo play, We-Vibe’s Touch is a versatile toy ideal for sensual play all over the body. Meanwhile, a fully waterproof design means this small but mighty massager is perfect for use anytime, anywhere. 

Maude Soak and Bath Tub Kit no 1

Maude Soak and Bath Tub Kit

Modern wellness brand Maude offers a line of bath time products perfect for either a solo soak or a tub for two. The brand’s Tub Kit features both bath salts and a soothing coconut milk bath, both of which can be enjoyed alone or with a soaking partner.

Black butt plug on purple background

Lovense Hush Butt Plug

I’ve said this before but it bears repeating: every man should own a butt plug. Lovense’s Hush, proudly the world’s first teledildonic butt plug, offers a sleek, easy-to-use and remove model  perfect for butt play newbies and longtime enthusiasts alike. Fully waterproof, it’s safe to use in the bath, shower, or wherever else your fantasies find you.

Teal masturbator on purple background

Lovehoney Ignite Mini Male Vibrator

With 20 different vibration settings, this mini male vibe is a small but mighty toy that proves quite versatile. Perfect for either solo or partnered play, the vibrator’s short length leaves plenty of room for a partner to join in on the fun — and yes, in case you haven’t picked up on the theme yet, it’s waterproof.