San Francisco | October 14, 2014 9:00 am

The 3 Fall Vests Every SF Man Needs

Get to the core of keeping warm

By The Editors

Gather ye sunshine while ye may, for fall is still a-calling. Luckily, we’ve found a spate of fresh and tastefully puffy vests to ease you into its shiv’ry embrace — no matter your exposure of choice.

The City Slicker

A relative newcomer to the SF sartorial set, HonourMark makes high-quality kits with a focus on real-world wear. Their newly dropped quilted vest is no exception. Available in navy and white, its weatherproof construction, trim lines and easy breathing ways make it a prime choice for everyday city wear. Check it out.

The Road Warrior

If you throw down with the pedal set, Chrome’s got your back, chest and sides with their new Warm vest. The name may be a little on the nose, but the style and build are on point. Water resistant with a slim fit and just the right amount of technical give to get out of the way. Rear pocket. Reversible for a slick, orange alternative to the black quilt. Reflective accents. Check it out.

The Outdlander

Classic cut, ultralight microfiber filling and rugged good looks are the hallmarks of Topo Designs’ new Puffer Vest. Available in a trio of colorways, this bad boy frees your arms to chop wood, tote a pack or just lean against a tree and look like a boss. Closes with buttons and hides a zippered inside pocket for your essentials. Check it out.