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Questlove’s New Cheesesteak May Turn You Into a Vegetarian

He’s a native Philadelphian, so you can trust him

Everyone knows the components of a perfect cheesesteak: long Italian roll, thinly sliced ribeye and Cheez Whiz. Wait, no, it’s a French roll with provolone and red and green peppers. Or as Bourdain said, it’s a poppyseed Kaiser roll with fried onions, American cheese and hot peppers.

All that to say that Americans love cheesesteak about as much as fighting about cheesesteak. But a new contender is always welcome in the meaty mêlée, and born-and-bred Philadelphian Questlove has one sure to cause equal controversy and salivation: a vegetarian cheesesteak.

It’s called Questlove’s Cheesesteak, and is made in partnership with Impossible Foods, the same plant-based-meat wizards behind the Impossible Burger. At the time of writing, the only announcement comes via The Roots drummer’s Instagram, so details are sparse, but according to Pitchfork the cheese is not vegan or plant-based, and according to the hashtag #AmorosoRolls it looks like they’re sticking with the tried-and-true Philadelphia roll.

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“We developed (and perfected!) a recipe using Impossible™ plant-based meat that we hope will offer a delicious and sustainable alternative for all cheesesteak eaters,” writes Questlove. And since it’s perfected, they’re taking it to the heart of cheesesteak country: Philadelphia Phillies games. The sandwich will debut at Citizens Bank Ballpark and be available at all home games as well as concerts.

What about the rest of us vegetarians, cheesesteak diehards and plant-based-meat inquisitors? Questlove’s Cheesesteak will also be making its way to 40 Live Nation venues throughout the country. More details are coming soon, but if you’re curious, you can browse the company’s outposts here and cross your grubby little fingers.

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