Personal Tech | July 8, 2021 11:14 am

Deal: Save $85 on Courant’s Sleek Wireless Charging Tray

Recharge and organize all at once

The Courant Catch:3 wireless charging tray, holding a phone, keys, wallet and pen
Never misplace your keys or forget to charge your phone ever again.
Bespoke Post

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Luxury tech brand Courant offers wireless charging devices that fit seamlessly with your home’s decor. And currently, the brand’s sleek, convenient wireless phone charger and accessory tray is on sale at Bespoke Post.

Originally priced at $175, the Catch:3 (now marked down to $90) is made from handsome Italian leather and a high-grade aluminum alloy. Not only does it serve as a handy phone charger but it also acts as a minimalist organizing tray to put your keys, wallet and any other essentials or knickknacks that need a place to stay.