Menswear | January 25, 2021 11:04 am

Deal: What Is a “Seamless” Parka? And Should You Nab One at 50% Off?

Get Uniqlo’s puffer jacket for under $100

Uniqlo Seamless Down Parka for men
Look ma, no stitching.

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If you look closely at your trusty parka, you’ll likely find some stitching on the body because, you know, that’s how most clothing is put together. Uniqlo wasn’t satisfied with that construction, as it offers the slightest entrypoint for arctic winds, so they designed the Seamless Down Parka, which you can currently nab for a hefty discount of 50% off.

The parka is on sale in all five colors, but the two best (black and orange) are oddly the ones with the most sizes available — black being the most common parka color, and orange being the most underrated parka color, as it offers the best visibility in early-dark and snowy conditions. 

There are a few other details of note about Uniqlo’s Seamless Parka, including a water-repellent coating and “3D-cut” streamlined shoulders, but it should be said that despite the seamless design this is coat for the cities, not the windswept locales where sub-zero temps are the norm. After all, the front zipper isn’t protected even by a simple flap. Nonetheless, this is a hard-to-beat deal on a great starter parka. 

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