Deal: Take 30% Off Everything at Lands’ End, Or Just These Rugby Shirts

Your fall wardrobe could use some sub-$50 stripes

Lands' End Rugby Shirts
You could grab the Lands' End x Rowing Blazers rugby shirt, or 30% off the classics.
Lands' End
By Alex Lauer / September 9, 2019 11:31 am

If you want to add some stripes, color and ‘90s prep-school sensibility to your wardrobe this autumn, as we told you last week, you can’t do better than the new collaboration between Lands’ End and Rowing Blazers. There’s no chance you’ll be lost in a crowd in that

However, we will readily admit that while everyone might be ready for a rugby resurgence, some of you may not be ready to dive head first into a Technicolor Dreamcoat-esque long-sleeve. In that case, head over to Lands’ End proper where almost everything (besides the aforementioned collab) is 30% off with code SAVING30 THIRTY20. [Update 9/11: The sale is still live, but the code has changed. It also gets you an extra 20% off sale styles.]

There, you will be able to grab discounts on more tame rugby shirts, in colors like cardinal red, beacon blue and pine. Ah, yes, pine. Now that’s a ‘90s prep-school color everyone can get on board with.

The sitewide sale only lasts until midnight on Monday Thursday, but with no minimum purchase required, feel free to grab just one shirt for yourself, or 10 for you and your friends looking for a more upscale touch-football uniform.

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