Brooklinen Loungewear Is the Impossibly Comfy WFH Outfit You're Missing

A better set of sweats, coming right up

Brooklinen men's loungewear sweatshirt and joggers
Brooklinen launched its loungewear line last summer. Now's the time to finally try it.
By Alex Lauer / April 8, 2020 12:41 pm

I’ll be honest with you, when Brooklinen launched its loungewear collection last summer, I was underwhelmed. Yes, I swear by their sheets (one of the few DTC products I think is going to be here for the long haul), but the push into clothing seemed like a blatant grab for growth. And the design itself, “inspired by vintage athletic wear,” seemed redundant. Don’t we have enough brands in that lane?

Then I actually tested some of the sweats — and I liked them well enough. But the problem still remained that I’m not much of a loungewear guy, so I didn’t find myself wearing the shorts or T-shirt all that often. They found their way into the back of my dresser drawers.

And then this all happened, quickly followed by people unabashedly working from home in their sweatpants, hoodies and pajamas. I’m a flannel pajama pants kind of person, and there’s no chance I’ll be productive in those, so I started searching for something that strikes the right balance between comfort and structure. And in a sartorial twist I never saw coming, Brooklinen’s basics have become my go-to WFH outfit.

First of all, just in terms of silhouette, Brooklinen’s offerings won’t make you feel like a slob. The line — which runs the gamut from sweatshirts to tees to joggers — finds that ideal place in-between form-fitting and loose, and includes little details (back pocket on the shorts, detailing on the sweatshirt) that make it seem like you’re putting in at least the minimum amount of effort.

But the real reason I had a change of heart is harder to discern and took more than a few wears, and comparison to other garments, to really appreciate. All the clothes are super soft — sumptuous even — and feature a perfect amount of stretch, which I can only assume is due to their proprietary blend of cotton, modal and spandex. They’ve figured out some golden fabric ratio, one that reminds me of my favorite college tees that have given way to unrivaled comfort only after hundreds of washes and wears; but these are like butter right out of the box.

Brooklinen men's loungewear
(L to R) The Brooklinen Bowery Short, Dekalb Sweatshirt and Prospect Tee. (Brooklinen)

So what should you start with? As I mentioned, I’m a big fan of the Bowery Short, and those will suit you well in the warmer months ahead. But the brand also just released the Dekalb Sweatshirt today, a half-zip option that’ll pass muster on errands. But take a look at the Prospect Tee and Classon Sweatshirt too, because those are both available in a wider variety of colors. And if we collectively need anything in our wardrobes right now, it’s more color.

Also, Brooklinen has always offered bulk deals on its loungewear, where buyers can take 10% off two items and 20% off three items or more. So if you want to grab a couple things, or go in on an order with your lady, you’ll get a nice discount to boot.

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