Menswear | June 25, 2020 11:40 am

10 All-Day Shorts to Wear All Summer Long

Perfect for hiking, swimming, lounging and everything in between

10 All-Day Shorts to Wear All Summer Long

We ask a lot of our shorts these days. It’s no longer enough to simply wear and exist in them, but now they must carry us through a range of activities over the course of a day — exercising, running errands, meeting up with friends, going to dinner, etc. Sure, you could seek out a separate pair of shorts for each specific occasion or activity, but who has the time (or closet space) for that? Not to mention then having to go through the exhaustive process of changing one’s shorts depending on the various scenarios a day can call for.

Presumably, you’re a busy guy. Whether you’re already imagining outdoor excursions like hiking or climbing trips, or intend to brave the beaches, you need a short that can keep up with you, one that doesn’t limit a day’s possibilities, but broadens them. In other words, you need an “all-day short.”

As the name suggests, an “all-day short” is intended to withstand and adapt to whatever situations your lifestyle might present to you on any given day. From working out in the morning to deciding to go to the beach on a whim and capping off the night at dinner with friends, this multitasking short is capable of withstanding anything you decide to throw at it, all while ensuring you look good regardless of what you’re doing. They’ll prove to be your most trusted companion as you set out to make the most of your summer.

Below you’ll find 10 of the best-all day shorts to wear all summer long.

J.Crew Dock Short in Stretch Chino

These dock shorts from J.Crew gleaned inspiration from the athletic styles favored in the 60s, just not so athletic. The result is a chino short crafted from good ol’ breathable cotton, that has just a hint of stretch so you can comfortably move. Plus, who doesn’t love an elasticized waist complete with a drawstring?

Faherty Original All Day Short

These are the all-day shorts (it’s even in their name!) and they without a doubt live up to their moniker. The shorts, also referred to as the “Beach to Bar” short, have the appearance of nicely tailored bottoms with the same quick-dry capability and technical aspects of a pair of swim trunks. So yes, you can quite literally wear them from the beach to the bar (and then back to the beach again).

Buck Mason Deck Short

Don’t let your eyes fool you — these aren’t your run-of-the-mill cotton shorts you’re accustomed to, but a mixture of cotton, nylon and spandex that drys fast, making them ideal for wear in and out of water. The slightly faded, lived-in look of the fabric gives the appearance of having had them for years and will look just as good with a shirt as they will without.

Vuori Ripstop Climber Short

Say you gotta go directly from scaling a mountain to drinks with friends; Vuori’s Ripstop Climber Short will seamlessly take you from one activity to the next, all the way to lounging on your couch.

Public Rec All Day Every Day Short

Maybe you enjoy the unknown and like to head into the day not knowing what it might entail — going for a run, an impromptu barbecue, a fulfilling day spent planted in front of the tv? Who knows what could happen, but as long as you’re wearing the All Day Every Day Short from Public Rec, you can take on the unexpected.

Rhone 6″ Resort Short

In case you haven’t heard, upper thighs are in, so show off those gams with these 6″ Rhone Resort Shorts in a hard-to-miss red hue. The shorts are made from a four-way stretch fabric allowing for a range of movements and the ability to dry quickly in the event they get wet. But more importantly, the ladies will thank you.

Outerknown Paz Shorts

We’ve reviewed these Outerknown shorts before and lauded them for their sweatpant-like comfort and their compatibility with a Hawaiian shirt. A year later, our review still stands and the Paz shorts continue to be supremely comfortable and the perfect bottoms to offset any boldly patterned shirt.

Wellen Cruiser Hybrid Short

Like many of the others on the list, Wellen’s Cruiser Hybrid Short combines the classic look of a chino with the functionality of a boardshort. The shorts are outfitted with plenty of handy pockets for storing all your valuables, including a secret zipper pocket inside the left hand pocket for things that are extra important. Basically, it’s a chino, boardshort and wallet all in one.

Madewell Everywear Shorts

These Madewell shorts are a little more athletic in appearance thanks to the rip-stop nylon fabric, but they’re just as capable of enduring the events of a day. The fabric in combination with the elastic waist and creamsicle color work to create a pair of shorts that epitomize the laidback vibe summer intends to inspire.

Prana Rotham Short

For those who aren’t quite so ready to embrace short-shorts, these shorts from Prana offer a decent amount of coverage without proving to be too restricting. The recycled polyester and organic cotton blend is not only quick drying and water repellent, but is outfitted with a durable water repellent finish and UPF 50, perfect for any and all outdoor activities.

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