Los Angeles | August 7, 2014 9:00 am

Felt Good

By The Editors

Bags, like shoes, take a licking. The only difference is there are ways to clean shoes. Bags, not so much.

Until now.

Introducing M.K.R.T., makers of natty bags made with synthetic materials that are easy to clean and 100% eco-friendly, now available at Fred Segal and Urban Outfitters.

These are the bags you want for day-to-day use and traveling. Mud splatters, coffee spills, whatever — it’ll just bead and roll right off like insults do Bill Clinton.

Here are the looks we like:

The Kel

Simple. Understated. That’s the Kel. The flap to this briefcase is trimmed in blue and folds over at an ergonomically pleasing angle. Plenty of room inside for your work gear.

The Martin Briefcase

The Martin’s tan straps may look and feel like suede, but they’re synthetic. The felt is boxy and strong, but soft to the touch. It’s the Tom Hardy of bags.

The Martin Travel Bag

The weekender version of the briefcase, the Martin Travel Bag has a yellow zipper for added snap.

It’ll match that squeaky clean.