Los Angeles | May 17, 2016 9:00 am

Say Hello to Your New Pool Party Shirt

California Cowboy: Feel free to get this garb wet

Despite your rugged, brooding, ne’er-do-well exterior, we know you’ve got a soft side.

And luckily for you, we know a shirt that shares your outlook.

It’s called the California Cowboy: a natty, coolest-guy-in-the-room beach shirt that’s soft on the inside.

Floral prints and festival patterns on the polyfiber outside (think Hunter S. Thompson or a coastbound Roger Moore-era Bond), but absorbent terrycloth on the inside — you don’t even need to towel off before throwing these guys on.

And seeing as not all swim trunks and boardshorts have great pocket situations, they stitched several subtle pockets in for your keys. There’s also a flat brass bottle opener and a beer koozie that stows in the back pocket.

It was recently funded on Indiegogo, and they’re taking preorders now for a mid-June delivery.

Just in time for the first day of summer.