Los Angeles | June 9, 2015 9:00 am

How Howard Hughes would’ve done Napa

Spoiler: Involves a cherry vintage airplane.

By The Editors

Slow ride. Take it easy.

Foghat was talking cars.

We’re talking airplanes.

Vintage airplanes.

That’s the mode-of-transport du jour at Blackstone Airways, a new airline chartering a restored 1957 Beech Super 18 from here to Napa.

They’ll get you there in under three hours without missing any of the choice views along the California coast.

And considering you’re only 2,500 feet up and cruising at a leisurely 167 MPH, you’ll have no trouble snapping a few shots off for the ‘Gram (the dunes at Pismo Beach and the animals roaming around Hearst Castle are good bets).

They also go local. Catalina trips. Lunch cruises around the Hollywood sign. Buzzing the buildings downtown.

Amenities on board include plush leather seats for up to six passengers, teak wood tables and more legroom than any first-class seat you’ll find going the commercial route.

Blackstone is one of two of owner Michael Blackstone’s passion projects — the other is Sky Thrills, an open-cockpit flight for those who like their pulse quickened.

His new venture does 2-3 trips a month and he needs about a month’s notice to get you on the manifest. They pick up at all of the small airports except Santa Monica.

Don’t dawdle. The plane might be slow, but the seats fly fast.

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