Home Goods | March 1, 2017 9:00 am

Sculpture, Physics Lesson or Just the World’s Sexiest Desk Lamp?

Let's talk about your work-light balance

When my eye lingers on a lamp, if ever, it’s in response to some blight. Dust. Burnt-out bulb. Crooked lampshade. I solve the problem and promptly ignore the fixture again. Of all lighting devices, it is a necessity rather than a focal point, like a chandelier or sconce.

Simply, no lamp has given me goosebumps (taking a guess that applies to many readers too).

Not to say the Balance from Victor Castanera is fueling a personal lamp enlightenment in yours truly, but let’s just say it might be the best tabletop physics lesson since Newton’s cradle. And unlike the quintessential desk toy, it doesn’t make a noise that will haunt you day and night.

Balance Lamp (4 images)

The Balance provides a softer illumination from the handblown opal glass (“milk glass”) as well as a dimmer switch. And as an object to focus on when you look away from the computer screen (you do make a point to rest your burning retinas, right?), it’s entrancing, letting your mind focus on the delicate interplay Castanera has created instead of, say, the abyss.

As for the practicality, Design Milk notes, “Custom LEDs were designed to spread light evenly and to last a long time.” Also, the bulbs are replaceable, which cannot be said for every newfangled illuminator. So time to give that Pixar-like fixture to your college-bound niece or nephew and upgrade your lamplight.

Oblure is currently accepting pre-orders for shipment in May, with the glossy black priced at $1,262 and plated brass at $1,426 (worth the price bump, in this writer’s humble opinion).