Home & Design | June 16, 2016 9:00 am

How Do SF Housing Costs Compare to Other Startup Meccas?

A few fresh options for your home-buying perusal

Everyone has an S.F. property nightmare — whether it’s an actual, recurring nightmare, or just that time you had to pack up and move to Daly City. But there are also dreams to be had out there. Hence: our monthly roundup of five of the area’s top-line properties, all currently up for grabs.

Want to be part of the most innovative, exciting entrepreneurial community in the world?

Want to pay less than “all of the money” for housing, schools and taxes?

Unfortunately, these answers (“Yes”; “Yes”) may be at odds with each other.

Today, we investigate what a million bucks will get you between North Beach and San Jose — and in all the other Silicon [Fill in the Blank]s across the country.

The choice is yours, intrepid entrepreneur.

782 Green Street
North Beach

Color us impressed: this ideally located 2BR right on the border of North Beach and Russian Hill has hardwood floors, on-site storage, a shared yard and views of Downtown. Parking available for an extra $335 per month, probably roughly equivalent to the cost in Aleve if you’re street parking.

For about the same price in Silicon Alley … Hey, time to celebrate! That million bucks won’t get you very far in downtown Manhattan, either. Here’s a 1BR, 1 bath condo on Bowery for $1.2M.

3934 Cesar Chavez Street
Noe Valley

Moving south: You can expect some traffic hubbub on this thoroughfare, but there are some big pluses, like an extra bathroom, multiple skylights and, best of all, an independent workspace in the backyard.

For just about the same price in Silicon Forest (which media minds greater than ours have applied to both a Siberian tech cluster and Portland; note we’re going with the latter): a 4BR with a massive deck in Portland’s Hillside neighborhood for $995K.

410 Sheridan Avenue
Palo Alto

A million bucks won’t go far in Palo Alto, but it’ll get you this 1BR condo with some high-end appliances, walk-in closet and a tile shower stall. You can walk to Caltrain, which should count for something — plus, it’s a recent remodel.

For just about the same price in Silicon Bayou, you might consider this $950K 3BR in New Orleans, with a high-end kitchen, saltwater pool and a deck built for entertaining.

164 Oberg Court
Mountain View

If you’ve dreamt of living in a million-dollar townhouse, Mountain View can make that dream come true — like with this 3BR with nearby community pools and parks. Three bedrooms, two-and-a-half baths and a two-car garage.

For about the same price, you could also get this dream of a 4BR wood-shingle house in Provincetown (read: Silicon Sandbar).

6071 Elmbridge Drive
San Jose

Welcome to the city that’s adding jobs faster than housing. You can get more bedrooms for your money, but we’re partial to this good-looking 2BR with lots of upgrades (quartz countertops, vaulted ceilings, etc.) plus access to Cupertino public schools. Homeowners’ fees ($285 monthly) include access to pool and clubhouse.

For a couple million more (What’s a couple million at this price?) in Silicon Mountain, try this 80-acre property with main house, barn, greenhouse and views of the Rockies from basically every square foot.