Gear | February 28, 2017 9:00 am

A Record Player So Wonderfully Simple You Can Hang It on the Wall

It’s called the Wheel. And that's about all there is to it.

Most of the excitement around vinyl’s resurgence owes to the records themselves: new-school waxheads are not only beneficiaries of decades-old crate finds, but also a steady flow of never-before-seen compilations, box sets and reissues. Lately, though, we’ve seen a shift of interest away from the records themselves and toward the record player. Newfangled designs encompass everything from levitating turntables to a portable number the size of a computer mouse.

The latest and greatest entrant in the field? The Wheel, from Netherlands-based design company Miniot, which is as simple and pure as any record player we’ve ever seen. Gone is the belt drive. The tonearm. The amplifier. Gone is basically everything you’ve come to know about record players. Instead: everything is built inside the platter, which makes for an ultra-clean listening experience that’s pleasing to both ears and eyes.

The turntable’s functions, which include on and off, play and pause, volume and next or previous track, are controlled by a center stick. Listeners are able to connect to their home audio setup wirelessly or via RCA connectors. And due to the Wheel’s closed-tight construction, perhaps the best part of this player is it can be played horizontally or vertically.

The Wheel is currently crushing its goal on Kickstarter — head on over for more info.