Gear | September 13, 2016 9:00 am

One Man’s Garbage Is Another Man’s Party

Wifi amp turns old speakers into a next-level sound system

There’s apparently one recycling dump in the U.K. that takes in around 10,000 old speakers a year.

It’s kind of crazy considering that many of them still function and look great.

Enter Paul Cocksedge, a British designer who, a few years ago, cooked up a little Wifi amp called The Vamp. It plugs into the audio jacks and gives an old speaker a new voice, running approximately ten hours on a charge. Which means you can haul an old Panasonic beast into the woods for a little picnic and just rock out. 

People wrote to him, praising his efforts. But apparently some of them just couldn’t find an old speaker to use. (They should have checked our stoop.) 

Anyway, Cocksedge and his team then more or less abandoned their green ideology, designing their own  box speaker that can be purchased new and eventually added to the scrap heap. (To be fair, it’s made of recycled materials.) They also added the ability to hook up multiple speakers for split sound, surround sound and stacking.

The new concept was just released on Kickstarter, and for a $130 donation you can get both the Vamp and the speaker.

Here’s a convergence of style and sustainability that’s music to our ears.