Gear | July 20, 2016 9:00 am

This Solar Charger Will Power Your Entire Campsite

And fit inside a laptop bag

The explorer in each of us craves the unknown.

But the cityperson in each of us craves a smartphone. And a camera. And Bluetooth speakers.

So to get off the grid without getting, well, off the grid, we present The Savior, a notebook-sized device that’ll get keep your phones, tablets and cameras powered pretty much forever, available now for pre-order.

Designed for action sports enthusiasts but applicable to anyone who A) has a smartphone and B) likes to travel remotely, the new tool from Arc Effect is a waterproof solar pack that solves the issues of similar sun-powered products that are nice in theory but frustrating in practice.

The Savior charges as fast a wall outlet. It’s eminently portable. And it’ll satiate the tech needs of your entire camp.

It’s the details where The Savior shines: the 15-watt solar panel system has a detachable waterproof pocket (for your wallet/ID), clear touchscreen window, two USB charging ports and a waterproof earphone port so you can talk and listen to music as your devices charge.

Plus, the rugged casing will attach to pretty much anything: front dash of a car, a backpack or even the top of a jet ski.

Buy more than one (they start at $99) and you can “daisy chain” your entire camp.

See? The sun’s not so bad this time of year.