Gear | December 26, 2016 9:00 am

These Transparent, Sustainable Speakers Are Just Cute as Hell

Is that you in there, WALL-E?

At its core, 2008 Pixar film WALL-E was a parable about the dangers of consumerism and an exceedingly wasteful modern society. It’s fitting, then, that a new speaker built on a platform of sustainability looks eerily similar to the film’s titular robot.

New to Kickstarter from Swedish electronics brand People People, the Small Transparent Speaker merges elegant design and quality audio with a repair-rather-than-replace ethos.

Their secret? The hardened glass and aluminum device is intentionally simple to disassemble, so if a part ever needs to be repaired, replaced or updated, you can simply ship it back to People People with the included prepaid postage for a quick fix.

How will you know if something is wrong? The speaker uses its wifi and Bluetooth capabilities to detect problems and send you a notification if anything amiss crops up.

And if you’re wary of shelling out $250 for a speaker that hasn’t been produced yet, know that People People has a stellar track record. Back in January 2013, they successfully funded a larger version of this speaker and delivered it to backers on schedule (that speaker is also currently for sale on their website).

So while $250,000 is a hefty goal for a see-through speaker, you’re in good hands, trust.