Gear | December 23, 2016 9:00 am

This Sled Was Engineered to Break the Amateur Recreational Land Speed Record

Move over, Griswold

Everyone knows Clark W. Griswold, Jr. holds the amateur recreational saucer sled land speed record.

But this winter, a new champion will be crowned:

You, on the Stiga Snowracer SX Pro.

OK, so it’s not a saucer, but it will turn the other dads green with envy (or is that hypothermia?) when you and the kids show up. It was seemingly designed to remove everything that sucks about sledding: no steering, no brakes, no pulling it back up the hill.

The Snowracer sits on three skis, with twin tips on the sides and a steering ski in the front to weave around fellow sledders who bailed on the way down. There’s also a sturdy brake to stop you before you hit traffic at the bottom. And when you turn around to head back to the top, simply pull out the automatic-winding handle for an easy ascent.

Of course, there’s a reason your dad grew up bombing the local hill on a steel saucer: it’s cheap. While it may be the fastest sleigh in the West, Stiga’s model will also put you out $250.

Guess it depends on how bad you want to be king of your hill.