Gear | March 2, 2017 9:00 am

Your Headphones Don’t Plug Into Your Helmet. These Do.

All the music. Less of violently crashing into other people.

We get it. You just downloaded our monthly Spotify playlist and are stoked to jam on the slopes this weekend. Only problem? Your music gear is unwieldy.

It’s hard to complain after living through the Discman-in-the-pocket days, but snow sports and music were never a good match. Headphones don’t fit into the helmet, cords get tangled, gloved hands don’t mesh with touch screens and buttons, built-in audio systems are expensive and limiting, etc.

So, Unit 1 developed a better way: Soundshield. Wait, the headphones are in the helmet? Yes, and they snap in and out, so you can stay safe and comfortable while skiing and then use them as your normal headphones.

All-purpose! What a concept.

The gear is currently funding on Indiegogo until March 24th. Some of the other features include wireless connectivity to any device, backup headphone jack, single-button interface, dial volume control for easy use even with giant mittens, built-in mic and 16-hour battery life.

The early bird specials are sold out, but you can still pledge $189 for one, whereas retail will be around $299. Estimated arrival is December 2017.

Hopefully they can stick to that schedule, because we already wish we had one this weekend.