Gear | January 11, 2018 9:00 am

Sony’s New 4K Projector Looks Like a $30k Coffee Table

For God's sakes, use a coaster, you heathen

As good as they are, projectors can be a major hassle. 

Nobody’s got time for ceiling installations and pendulous wires, not to mention a whole chunk of wall that’ll look stark naked when you don’t have the game on.

Enter the Sony LSPX-A1, a 4K HDR short-throw projector masquerading as a Scandinavian centerpiece, meant to sit 10 inches from the wall and throw up a 120-inch screen.

Yup, a full-blown 120 inches, all beamed from a faux-marble, aluminum piece with wooden shelving that’ll have the rest of your living room blushing.

And the LSPX-A1 isn’t just meant to sit there and keep wires concealed. It’s also equipped with a booming subwoofer that delivers 360-degrees of sound. When hen not linked up to Roku, Apple TV or whatever Blu-ray player suits your fancy, the projector transforms any living room into a temporary art installation, projecting anything from glittering constellations to sunlit cowboys.

The catch? It’s pricey … to the tune of $30,000. But seeing it’s the most up-to-date tech housed in a new piece of furniture, you may just be able to justify it.