Gear | February 27, 2017 9:00 am

This Is the World’s Lightest Hammock

Packs down smaller than a beer. Meaning: more room for beers.

Updated 22 June 2017

Sea to Summit redesigned the hammock with a high-tenacity nylon and higher thread count per inch to increase the strength. From the company: “The final result is a fabric with greatly increased tear strength: almost 50% increase down the length of the hammock, and 65% across.” But the weight only increased from 4.9 ounces to 5.4 — so still light as all get out.

Camping pack priorities lie on a spectrum of bare essentials to “how many beers can we carry?”

Now, with the “world’s lightest hammock,” nature lovers of all levels no longer have to make the heart-rending decision between relaxation and inebriation.

By itself, Sea to Summit’s 8.5’ x 4’ Ultralight Hammock weighs just 4.9 ounces, thanks to its breathable Nylon 66 monofilament fabric. How much weight can this miniscule amount of nylon hold? Apparently up to 300 pounds. And as Gear Junkie notes in their review, it packs down to smaller than a 12-ounce beer can.

Ultralight Hammock (2 images)

Unfortunately, the “world’s lightest” claim only applies to the hammock itself. Once you add in the pack (yeah, they don’t include that in the final weight), as well as the straps and tree protectors for hanging it, you’re looking at a whopping 21.4 ounces. OK, that’s still incredibly light, and less than two beers.

But no matter how many you take down, or how tired you are after a long day of hiking, the setup and takedown is a piece of cake — as this video from UKClimbing demonstrates:

The release is set for March. So while much of the U.S. is experiencing premature hammock-weather conditions, you’ll have to wait a little longer for this particular camp catnap.