Gear | February 6, 2017 9:00 am

These Tiny ‘Seinfeld’ Set Replicas Are Real, and They’re Spectacular

Own a limited-edition scale model of Jerry's apartment

The bike hanging by the bathroom. The untouched computer. The neurotically tidy kitchen area. Seinfeld worked with many studio sets during its nine-season sun, but none are more iconic than Jerry’s apartment. 

And now you can buy it. Well, at least a miniature replica of it

Created in collaboration with studio execs and designers who worked on the sitcom, the 1:26 scale model is filled with more than 100 distinct elements. The model has even been painted by hand using distressed paint that really masters the lived-in look that Jerry’s domain had on the show.

As part of a special “Festivus” preorder offer going on until March 1st, the set replica is available for $400 and includes a piece of wood from the door of the apartment used on set.

Only 5,000 of the replicas are being made, so get yours before Art Vandelay exports ’em all.