Grayman and Company

Dress for the job you want, they say.

If that job is international superspy, we’ve got you covered. Tactically and sartorially.

Give a strong welcome to Grayman and Company, a bespoke tailor that specializes in dapper suiting for precarious situations, available now.

A mix of high-end tailoring and tactical know-how, Grayman & Co. live by an “elegance is what we weaponize” ethos. While previously targeting professionals in military, security and law enforcement, anyone can commission one of their defense-first suits, which are classically tailored and decidedly unflashy.

The best features here? They’re hidden. Think military-spec ripstop pockets, covert waistband pockets sewn in at the 11 and 1 o’clock positions (to better carry handguns, lock picks and knives) and commo loops on the cuffs and collar area for wire management. As well, the suit is crafted from a breathable, flexible Loro Piana fabric with plenty of stretch.

Why would a person need all this? Because Daniel Craig apparently destroyed 40 bespoke Tom Ford suits during the shoot for Quantum of Solace.


For a little extra scratch, you can customize the suit with cut-resistant sleeves, roll-up surgeon cuffs, RFID shield pockets and a draw-assist pocket (so the jacket sweeps clear of the holster while you quick-draw).

Some bonuses: if you’re in the military or private security, you may be eligible for a discount. And if you need something extra special, a bespoke concierge will work with you and the experts on Savile Row to tailor something more to your liking.