Gear | March 10, 2021 10:28 am

Deal: This Special-Edition Jacket From Fjällräven Is 40% Off

The jacket to outlast all other jackets

Greenland No. 1 Special Edition Jacket

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Planned obsolescence tells us that almost any product we own is destined to fail, but Fjällräven didn’t get that memo when they released the original Greenland Jacket back in 1968. Over four decades later, the Swedes are still refining the Greenland with state-of-the-art fabrics and a tailored fit to deliver years of wear. And you can finally get your hands on the Greenland No. 1 Special Edition Jacket from Backcountry at a modest price.

The jacket’s G-1000 Eco fabric is one of the toughest textiles I’ve ever worn. Combined with Greenland Wax, it sheds wind and water to deliver superior versatility through the streets or the high peaks. Fjällräven has a tendency to design their goods with a curved fit, so expect the Greenland Jacket to taper through the wrists and torso. When others inevitably ask you what jacket you’re wearing, you’ll be stoked to tell them it’s a Fjällräven — no matter how you choose to pronounce their name.