Take a Load Off and Park It on These 5 Superb Camp Chairs
By Alex Lauer / April 4, 2018 9:00 am

This time of the year marks the beginning of patio season.

We’re mere days away from crossing that all-important temperature threshold that separates early spring from late, at which point we’ll be able to sit al fresco, cold beer in hand, without shivering in a down jacket and wool socks.

And for the backyard-equipped, campsite-frequenting or otherwise spatially uninhibited folk, that means it’s time to dig out the camp chairs.

Below, five assorted seats for cradling your keister, sorted by the venue where you’ll be posting up.

You’re posting up: Over the river and through the woods

Helinox Chair One
Packs into a small zippered pouch for easy packing, even when you’ve got a hike ahead of you. Weighs just two pounds, but holds up to 320. $100

You’re posting up: Next to your truck

Kelty Low Love Camp Chair
As anyone who’s tried to get cozy with a certain someone next to the bonfire knows, a one-person chair ain’t gonna cut it. Enter this stretch-out-able two-seater. $100

You’re posting up: In your own backyard

Highlands Wood & Canvas Deck Chair 
At your own abode, the importance of aesthetics in a camp chair goes up from, well, zero. Blue Ridge Chair Works offers their strapping white ash chair in four canvas colors. $234

You’re posting up: On the banks of [insert body of water]

Nemo Stargaze Recliner Luxury Chair
The most complex of the bunch, this seat swings, rocks and reclines for seamless s’more-roasting or stargazing action, whether set on solid ground or in the sand. $220

You’re posting up: Wherever life takes you

Kelty Linger High-Back Chair
Not sure what spring and summer have in store? Stick with this sturdy, supportive aluminum number. Easy enough to sling at 3 lb. 6 oz., but comfortable enough for the homestead. $140

Main photo via Helinox

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