Gear | October 25, 2016 9:00 am

Best Made Drops an Outdoor Collection for People Who Hate Colorful Things

It's like your camping gear, but blacker

If Mother Nature had a favorite color, our guess is it wouldn’t be matte black.

Which is too bad. Because everything looks better in matte black, even the wilderness. Or at least the gear you carry into the wilderness.

Best Made Co. — that outdoor lifestyle brand known for their mount-worthy axes — just launched a Matte Black Collection, aka an assemblage of outdoor necessities that match the midnight sky.

If you’re an outdoor nut screaming “Incompetence!”, know the collection only includes small auxiliary goods. No one’s saying your tent or garb should be black. That’s dangerous, especially during hunting season. (Your soul, however … debatable.)

Highlights include the straight-hold hatchet and the exclusive all-black SOLKOA fire kit, but if we had to choose a favorite, it’d be the blacked-out Miir growler. Check out that piece — and a few other selects — below.

Make sure to visit Best Made Co. for the full collection.