By Kirk Miller / January 15, 2019

Our Favorite Mail-Order Steak Company Just Intro’d A Perfect Ribeye

Omaha-Cut Ribeye

When you’ve been doing something better than anyone else for over a century, there’s no reason to change.

Omaha Steaks is a fifth-generation, family-owned shop that specializes in grain-fed, naturally aged steaks. All their steaks are “flash frozen” ahead of delivery — a seldom-seen practice that locks in the peak freshness and flavor of every cut. InsideHook actually awarded the company our favorite mail-order steak at our inaugural Great Steak Debate a few years back.

While Omaha’s certainly added produce over the years, their new Omaha-Cut Ribeye is the first new steak the company’s added to its lineup since 1917. According to the brand, the new cut is a response to growing size of cattle — now larger 10 oz. (or more) cuts have “led many restaurants and brands to skimp on quality and deliver thin, mediocre cuts.”

Omaha-Cut Ribeye

For the new cut, the butchers at Omaha Steaks take the very center of the ribeye and trim off all the exterior fat, leaving a juicy, tender and marbled ribeye that’s a perfect 6 oz. size. (The company still offers larger ribeye cuts if you want ‘em.) The result is a hand-carved, 21-day aged masterpiece, one with a rich, buttery flavor that cooks uniformly.

At launch, there are deals to be had: Four Omaha-Cut Ribeyes are $40 when you order with any other item (a 64% savings), while various OC ribeye combos are up to 66% off.

(Not looking for this particular cut? Omaha is also throwing a Restock Sale, promising “better than employee” discounts — which seems to mean 50-65% off steaks, ground beef, chicken, no-prep meals and more.)


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Photos: Courtesy Omaha Steaks