Culture | January 12, 2018 9:00 am

A Compendium of the Bay Area’s Five Best Taco Tuesdays

Because the only thing better than $1 tacos is $2 beers

Looking forward to coming back to work on Tuesday?

This should make it better: Dollar tacos. Washed down with two-dollar beers.

Because the only thing that can soften the landing after a Monday holiday is skipping out of work early for one of the city’s five best Taco Tuesdays.

Prepare to be satisfecho.

Nick’s Crispy Tacos

S.F.’s unofficial Taco Tuesday H.Q., Nick’s offers two tacos for seven bucks (your choice of carne asada, pollo asada, etc.) plus — in our opinion, the realest of deals, even if it’s not officially a taco — quesadillas for $2.75 a piece.


Featuring tacos like your mom used to make them: with DIY assembly. Fifteen bucks gets you enough seasoned ground beef, romaine, diced tomatoes shredded, cheddar cheese (“orange like it should be”), and taco sauce for six tacos. Also of note: $29 pitchers of margaritas.

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Fritas Taco Shop

Though its heart remains in San Diego, thanks to owner Andrew Alcantara’s SoCal roots, Fritas offers the best deal in town: one buck gets you a shrimp taco, and two a taco with chicken. (Which seems backwards to us, but OK.)

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Are you ready for … Taquito Tuesday? Usually we shun tweaks to a perfectly good marketing campaign, but we’ll forgive Flacos the transgression — since it’s the best place in the East Bay for vegan tacos. (And $2 taquitos, at least on Tuesdays.) If you’re dead-set on ultra-cheap tacos, you’ll want to come back on Thursday, when they’re all $3.

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Pancho Villa

You already know if you love or hate the Mission institution that is Pancho Villa’s. We’re definitely the former: Their 3-5 p.m. Taco Tuesday — with dollar tacos and two-dollar beers — is the best reason to skip out of work early.