Culture | October 16, 2014 9:00 am

This Bike Is So Badass

Motoped: The moped, grown up

By The Editors

Here’s to the moped, that awkward bowl cut of motor vehicles.

Not quite a motorcycle, not quite attractive to the opposite sex.

Until now.

Introducing Motoped’s line of virulent moto-bikes, now taking orders.


Motopeds are a marriage between a rough and ready downhill mountain bike and a fuel-efficient four-stroke.

Quiet and quick enough to make easy work of any city commute, but fully capable of offroading to your next backcountry escape.

Available fully assembled with a legal-limits 49cc motor or as a kit to be outfitted with something a little more powerful (up to 155cc), Motopeds come in a few flavors to match your taste.

The Cruzer is your wooden-fendered park rambler.

The Pro is your anything-goes versatile with dirt-track styling.

And then there’s your Survival model. You’ll use that for keeping clear of the goons in a post-apocalyptic, Mad Max wasteland.

Or, like, picking up milk in style.

Nothing awkward about it.

Nota bene: We have it on good authority that Bay Area-authorized dealer Two Three Motorsports is receiving a shipment of bikes this very week — if patience isn’t your thing.