Culture | November 24, 2014 9:00 am

Best. Car Wash. Ever.

How a spotless car will, oddly, help battle drought

By The Editors

On average, it takes 38 gallons of water to wash your whip.

That’s roughly a bathtub’s worth of H2O that could otherwise be used for, oh let’s see, maybe forestalling the drought?

But vanity demands cleanliness, fellas.

Our cars must be cleaned.

And so there’s Wype.

Wype sends car cleaners to you, whether you’re at the office, the gym or even a concert.

And they don’t use any water.

Not a single drop.

Instead, they use a plant-based potion that won’t taint your paint or rough-up Ma Earth.

They offer three options:

  • Quickie: just the exterior and wheels

  • Standard: exterior, wheels and interior

  • Swanky: throw in the wax

It’s simple.

Go now. Be clean. Save the world. Or at least California.

Nota bene: Wype officially launches next week, but if you sign up now they’ll alert you once they’re ready.