Culture | October 10, 2014 9:00 am

Thriver’s License

By The Editors

Steven Spielberg: smasher of box offices.

But not a great student.

Didn’t even get into USC Film School.

He turned out all right, though.

Secret to his success: his passion.

And that, in a nutshell, is why we’d like to introduce you (and your kids) to Thrively.

Thrively is a new website that determines your child’s strengths and interests and links them with local activities and like-minded people.

Founded by the architect of Stamps and the co-founder of Pandora, Thrively gives your kid a simple, fun test created by neuroscientists and child psychologists.

That data is used to geolocate available sports, art classes, music lessons and camps suited to your child’s interests. And connects them with birds of a feather in Thrively’s Social Circles.

Kids can watch videos from leaders in their field of choice, giving them insights into the immediate benefits and future (i.e., career) opportunities their strengths will afford them.

Parents can get info on Thrively’s blog on a range of topics, like how to not stress your kid out with too many activities (helicopter parents: read!), all presented as fun, lively infographics.

And the Oscar for Best Parent goes to … you.