Culture | April 4, 2014 9:00 am

Home Work

By The Editors

Without proper guidance, a man tends to leave his home a little — what’s the tactful word here? — “charmless.”

Not very well decorated. IKEA-ish. Undesigned.

In other words, mi casa es dude casa.

Here to fix that, and how: Metro66, an online-only design group that’ll help you beautify your dudapalooza in less than a month.

As in: they’ll recommend leather sofas and manly rugs. That kind of stuff.

Metro66 has A) a decade of experience gussying up homes and B) direct relationships with furniture makers, ensuring that costs are minimized.

Just sign in, fill out the form indicating your budget (“just the essentials” or “completely luxe”) and style interests (Are you a modish Jackie Treehorn or a raffish Thomas Crown?).

Then, shoot them some pics of the rooms you want designed.

They mock up three samples that outline floor plans, color suggestions and furniture types.

You pick which you like and they send their delivery team over within two weeks to set it all up (add a week for custom furniture).

How very entertaining.