Cooking | Updated September 21, 2022 10:00 am

Deal: Vitamix’s Best Sale of the Year Is Here With Discounts Up to 50% Off

Vitamix Days runs until Thursday morning, so get an overbuilt blender while you can

The 5300 and 7500 blenders from Vitamix on a marble background. They're on sale during the Vitamix Days sale, the best of the year.
Now's the time to buy that Vitamix blender you've had your eye on.
Vitamix/Madison Bracaglia on Unsplash

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The age-old question of whether it’s worth buying a Vitamix — the gold standard for overbuilt blenders — does not apply today. That’s because the brand is in the middle of its annual Vitamix Days event, its biggest sale of the year, where you can score up to 50% off select models. The catch? It only lasts until Thursday morning.

From now until 9 a.m. Eastern on Sept. 22, Vitamix is offering discounts on brand new stand blenders, certified reconditioned blenders, immersion (or hand) blenders, and all manner of attachments and blending vessels for those who already own one of their models (including a nifty add-on that turns your machine into a true food processor, a trick you’ll want now that the holidays are in sight). They’re even throwing in free shipping.

The two best deals of the entire sale are the 7500 Blender (normally $560, now $300) and the 5300 Blender (normally $560, now $280). The main difference between these two is that the 7500 is a slightly newer model with an updated platform (G-Series, versus the C-Series 5300). Both feature simple designs, with analog buttons, including a pulse function and a knob that can cycle through 10 speed settings. If you can spare the extra $20, go for the 7500.

If you want a high-tech option, the popular A3500 Ascent Series Blender is on sale in two forms: the entertaining bundle (normally $800, now $700), which includes a second, top-of-the-line blending container and a 10-year warranty; and a certified reconditioned model (normally $550, now $350) that includes a 5-year warranty. The A3500 offers digital functionality, with wireless connectivity, a touchscreen interface (plus a normal knob), and helpful pre-programed settings for certain dishes as well as a nifty timer that lets you start a blend and walk away, knowing it will shut off automatically.

While those are the headline deals, there are a number of other discounts to be had. But remember, you’ve only got until Thursday morning.