Client Services

You know as well as us: entertaining a client is like being in a marriage.

A little silver-tongued charm, a little back and forth. But in the end, it’s all about them.

Take the art of client seduction to the next level at Nico Osteria, the new seafood-driven restaurant from One Off Hospitality, now open inside the Thompson Hotel.

For visiting clients, your first step to flattery is shacking them up here.

Located in the Gold Coast, the Thompson is luxe and full of character: its rooms offer unobstructed views of Lake Michigan, and its in-room dining service is handled by Nico.

Start your evening with aperitifs and cocktails at Nico’s adjoining cocktail lounge Salone Nico. Talking points as your party settles in: the bar is made from curved copper pipes. Paul Kahan. Nico’s home-spun pastas and commitment to quality fish.

As for dinner, get in quick by making reservations. And what to order: try the Neapolitan ragu that’s served up with swordfish meatballs or the roasted wild turbot, which is neatly deboned and served whole.

A bottle of 1998 Ippolito Ripe del Falco Calabria will not only pair well, but it’ll help you close the deal, too.

Photo Credit: Fogelson/Jetel