Audio | August 28, 2020 9:54 am

Deal: Save Big on Audiophile Speakers From Two of Our Favorite Brands

One the budding audiophile and one for the more experienced among us.

Deal: Save Big on Audiophile Speakers From Two of Our Favorite Brands
Audio Advice

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Despite the fact that an unsettling number of people still do most of their music listening on cheap-ass, tinny-sounding earbuds and $50 bluetooth speakers, many of which aren’t much better, we are living in a new golden age of audio equipment, with more really good gear available at really good prices than ever before. Bargains are to be found in every corner of the industry, from turntables to components, but nowhere are they more abundant than in the speaker category.

And it just so happens that two of our favorites can be had for even better prices right now. Audio Advice has deals on open-box items, which just means, literally, that someone opened the box. The items are all in perfect working condition, and most of them are perfect cosmetically, as well, with nary a scratch or dent to be found. Currently, they’re offering $50 off the Kanto YU4 powered speaker, a perfect option for someone just getting into real audio or for someone looking to put together a desktop system for nearfield listening. On the higher end of the spectrum, they’re also offering $100 off the Focal Chora 806, which is among the most powerful, detailed and visually striking speakers you will find under $1,000. In fact, we recommended it to you once before.