Arts & Entertainment | March 14, 2017 9:00 am

There’s Now a Netflix for Outdoorsmen and X-Games Junkies

Get your trail mix and Mountain Dew ready

If the selections in your Netflix queue have gotten a bit tame lately, a new streaming service dedicated to adventure films could provide a much-needed jolt.

Curated by a group of outdoor enthusiasts who have been collecting movies, shows and shorts that aren’t available on other streaming sites, Slipstream features hundreds of pieces of content sorted into categories like “Intense Climbing Journeys” and “Inspiration To Escape.” Priced at just $5 a month, Slipstream adds new content each week and says it will send 70 percent of its monthly revenues back to filmmakers so they can continue to create good work.

Slipstream is currently offering a free month of service, so here’s a brief guide of what to watch.

If you want to either persuade or encourage yourself to go rock climbing, try: Africa Fusion

 If you want to watch a video that makes you say, “No … no … no … no … no … no … YES!”, try: Blue Balls

If you want to be simultaneously inspired and horrified, try: Bearded Vultures of the Alps

If you want ideas for some new backgrounds for your desktop, try: The Quest for Inspiration

If you want to lament the fact that traveling isn’t your day job, try: Travel Basecamp