Architecture & Real Estate | August 28, 2019 8:00 am

The 5 Most Interesting Houses You Can Buy on … Amazon?

Prefab shelters, now with Prime shipping

While the Q-haus is currently sold out, there are other dwellings you can buy on Amazon

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At first, we were confused when a 774-square-foot tiny home by Q-haus — complete with three bedrooms, a sauna and an open kitchen — was briefly listed but then sold out on Amazon.

But also? Excited. Before that news hit, we had no idea you could buy an actual home with one-click shopping.

Admittedly, most of these houses on Amazon are DIY “kits” and many are not quite “homes” per se but more small studio shelters best utilized as a retreat or guest lodging on an existing property. And based on the comments shoppers have left, most Amazon users have zero intention of purchasing a primary residence from the site (plus, it’s not easy getting a 10,000-lb housing package delivered, Prime member or not).

Below, the five most interesting insta-dwellings you can buy on Amazon. 

Saracen Outdoor Cabana

Saracen Outdoors Cabana

A 20-foot steel container that’s pre-built and arrives with plumbing and electricity connections. A literal plug and play retreat.

Smart Solar Studio CUBE

Smart Solar Studio CUBE

More of a work studio, this minimalist shelter (with admittedly nice, large windows) arrives ready to go with solar power, AC, lighting controls and built-in Sonos. [Ed. note: This has been removed from Amazon since the publish date, but you can find more info here.]

Allwood Eagle Vista

Allwood Eagle Vista

It’s two floors, over 1,300 square-feet and comes with “easy to follow” instructions. And some of the best reviews on Amazon (“It was a quality home and I recommend it. All the rooms are a perfect size for me, my 6 cats and my 2 mini horses.”)

Two Story

Two Story Eco Friendly Prefabricated Wooden Home

Well, it comes with a balcony. The lack of detailed information and the rampant misspellings in the listing does give us pause. (Still, only 1 left in stock!)

Weizhengheng Expandable Container House

Weizhengheng Expandable Container House

A light steel frame that’s versatile in use— and adjustable in size. Again, however, the manufacturer provides almost no information.