Day Planner

Valentine’s Day is a week away and you’re probably asking yourself — you should be asking yourself — must I really observe this cloying, over-chocolate’d occasion? 

The answer is: quite possibly.

But not to worry. 

Like a machete-wielding Jack T. Colton whacking his way through “Romancing the Stone,” we’re here to help find your path.

Firstly, we recently asked all of our readers a few questions about sex and dating. Thousands of you responded, and quickly. So in thanks, we’ve compiled the data to make handy charts, like so:

InsideHook Valentine's Day infographics infographic

Secondly, we handcrafted our own farm-to-table decision tree, which we helpfully titled “Must I Observe Valentine’s Day?” May it guide you well:

Valentine's Day-Decision-Tree-Infographic-InsideHook

Good luck. We’ll see you out there.


 P.S. If you’re still in need of Valentine’s gifts, we’ve got you covered. And let us not speak about Valentine’s Day again.