Advice | September 15, 2014 9:00 am

The Success Survey

By The Editors

Men: How do you know if you’re successful?

Big question. Broad one, too. Involves questions of finance. Of family. Of keeping up with the Joneses.

Even touches on that dusty ethos of the American Dream.

That’s why we’re proud to present Are You Successful? An InsideHook Survey of American Men.

A few weeks ago we asked you, our readers, whether you felt successful and how you got there.

Thousands of you replied.

And in these first days of September, when everyone’s buckling down at the office, it seemed a good time to publish the results.

The broad strokes: successful men are married.

They put the enjoyment of their job over job titles or accolades.

They credit hard work — and their own fathers — for their success.

And they have some very peculiar opinions about what the ultimate American status symbol is (to the gentleman who answered “George Clooney hair,” we agree).

See the full survey results right here.

And have a successful day.

Steve Bryant
Executive Editor, InsideHook