Advice | November 28, 2014 9:00 am

The Holiday Gift Guide

48 gifts for them. For her. Maybe even for you.

By The Editors

Fellow Americans, ‘tis the season of giving.

Giving your love. Giving some gifts. Giving a damn.

To assist you with your gifting for kith and kin, we’ve made you this: The InsideHook Holiday Gift Guide.

Inside: gifts for her, for him, for them and maybe even for you. All high quality. All highly considered.

But before you dive in, a word on gifting methodology:

One, there is nothing more stultifying than buying crap for crap’s sake.

Crap at 50% off is still crap.

Two, the true joy in gift giving is considering the recipient’s life.

Sounds hokey, has the virtue of actually being true.

A gift says “I was thinking about you.”

Not “I was thinking about Wal-Mart.”

Three, to truly impress your ladyfriend, we recommend this plan:

Buy vacation tickets for February. Someplace warm. Print. Place tickets in a new clutch, vintage handbag, or the like (some ideas in our guide). Then buy one other item she’ll enjoy wearing on the trip. Jewelry perhaps. Wrap jewelry. Place jewelry in bag. Wrap bag. Give bag.

She’ll remember the unwrapping. She’ll remember the vacation. She’ll remember wearing the jewelry on the vacation.

And that, sir, is a happy holiday.

Enjoy the gift guide.