Advice | October 31, 2014 9:00 am

Best of October

Mopeds. Murals. THC pens delivered. Let's review.

By The Editors

The 9 Scariest Rooms in LA
As a kid, hell seems like a fun concept. The ghosts, the devils, the graveyards. When you’re a grown-ass man, hell can, at times, seem like where you live. With those daily frustrations in mind, we present The Los Angeles House of Horrors. Check it out.

A Never-Before Seen Map of LA
Here in LA, we have murals. Scaling the sides of buildings. Stretching along the freeway. Decorating telephone boxes, doors, windows. It’s an outdoor museum, and touring that museum makes for a great date. So we made you a map. Check it out.

Re: Weed Delivery
Smoking a little weed is one of life’s simplest pleasures. It relaxes the body, enhances food and music, and, at a heavier dose, can quell major pain. Here to deliver a delicious dose: Spliffin, bringing a bevy of customized THC waxes to your door. Check it out.

7 Leather Jackets for the LA Man
As an Angeleno man, you should have at least one solid leather jacket. To help you choose as wisely as Indiana Jones chose his cup (he wore a bomber, BTW), we’ve created Strong Leather, a guide to owning the perfect leather jacket.  Check it out.

Your Very Own Black Ops Vehicle
Rarely in the annals of transportation literature would a man deign to call a moped “badass.” Until right this very email. Introducing Motoped’s line of motorized bikes, available for pre-order. This is the Special Forces of mopeds. Check it out.