Advice | July 31, 2014 9:00 am

Best of July

By The Editors

How to Look Like a Yale Man
Started by some Puma and Rapha vets, Tracksmith offers athletic wear that’s a mix of classic Northeastern prep and high-tech construction. All tailored, lightweight and manufactured in New England. Check it out.

Top 10 Hilarious Local News Flubs
Happy anniversary, Anchorman, the first movie to actually capture the live, moments-from-a-car-wreck bloopers of your local news team. In honor, we present our favorite local news flubs. Check it out.

How to Start Your Work Week
A Portland-based crafter of fine wooden and tech accessories, Grovemade’s Desk Collection is all about edifying your workspace. The items here are all built from locally sourced timber. Check it out.

Like Beer? You’ll Love This.
The best way to fight hot weather? Beer. Available for pre-order, SYNEK fits on your kitchen counter, and serves up a freshly tapped brew of your choice, at your convenience. Check it out.

The New Hollywood Sex Symbol
Thirty years on from Revenge of the Nerds, and geeks are the new sex symbol. Thus, Rise of the Nerds, a list of the nerd’s big-screen ascent from loveable loser to less-than-loveable leading man. Check it out.

I Mean. This Furniture Is Just … Wow.
Introducing The River Collection, an eye-grabbing series of hand-carved coffee, dining and console counters directly influenced by the woods and streams of the Pacific Northwest. Check it out.

29 Status Symbols, Ranked
Ever sat courtside next to Jack? Is there a building with your name engraved in stone? Have you ever owned hounds? (And released them?) These symbols, and more, ranked. Check it out.