Advice | August 29, 2014 9:00 am

Best of August

By The Editors

Hoverboards, Now Available for Rent
Man has always gone to great lengths for air time. The Wright Brothers at Kitty Hawk. Jordan from the free-throw line. All you need to do: head to San Diego Bay, where the Hoverboard by Zapata Racing is for rent at Aquatic Aviation.

The Naked Droids You’re Looking For
Men love naked women. Men love movies. The divine intersection is Geekology, a new tome with 95 sexy Suicide Girls who can “quote you under the table and kick your pixelated ass without breaking a sweat or creasing (their) cosplay.”

The Top 100 SoCal Campsites
Camping: great idea. It combines the solace of nature with the rush of adventure. But woe to the man whose search for a good site leads him into the bureaucratic briar patch of a government webpage. You deserve better. You deserve Hipcamp.

The 30 Status Symbols of LA, Ranked
As every L.A. man builds a career and competes for the affection of women and the envy of friends, he must find more refined ways to say “neener, neener, neener.” Those ways: Look at All My Sh*t! Los Angeles Status Symbols, Ranked.

The Five Mansions to Rent in Palm Springs
Next month we’ll all be looking east, toward Palm Springs. Because it’s, y’know, a dry heat. Good enough for Sinatra, good enough for you. Also good enough: our Palm Springs Rental Guide.