Advice | December 29, 2013 9:00 am

2014 Predictions

By The Editors

Attention men of Earth:

2014 looms. We have a few predictions about that.

Introducing 2014: The Year That …: Our Nostradamusian look at 12 trends that will define what it’s like to be a man in the next year, in partnership with Cadillac.

That’s right, talking about the future, which I believe is very much here.

How do I know this?

Yesterday I was almost trampled on Broadway when tourists — in a frenzy of techno-lust — tried to get a look at a random guy wearing Google Glasses.

Seeing someone else wear Google Glasses, by the way (not unlike looking through a peephole from the outside), offers very little satisfaction.

But Google Glass is one of those shiny things that represents our changing behaviors — in this case, our expectations of privacy. And that is what defines life in the future.

Because the future is about those ideas going mainstream.

The idea that, in 2014, luxury travelers will choose homes over hotels.

That everybody will be cool with distributing money by P2P.

That your health stats will be tracked the way credit cards track purchases, and you’ll get a text when something looks suspicious.

We live in accelerating times, fellas.

Strap yourselves in.

Steve Bryant, Executive Editor

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