Keys. Wallet. Phone.

Upgrading your checklist of habitual need

By The Editors
August 21, 2015 9:00 am

Keys. Wallet. Phone. The things you carry; your morning mantra. Here’s our biweekly guide to carrying them in style. This week: Magnets.


Simply the best solution for bothersome jingling keys. At less than .13 grams per magnet, MagKey is the lightest smart-fob out there. Minimal and sexy as hell. Buy it

The Ferrari of wallets. Meaning: superlight. Inspired by the innovative mid-century construction techniques of legendary Milan carbuilder Carrozzeria Touring, this carbon fiber wallet also protects cards’ embedded data chips and magnetic strips from electromagnetic radiation and prevents identity pilfering by RFID scanning. Buy it


Steelie Magnetic Phone Socket
Mount your phone wherever you need to. A machined aluminum dock contains a powerful magnet that affixes to your phone; the corresponding mount component can be attached anywhere. Those two pieces, in turn, connect magnetically. Once your phone is in place, Steelie keeps it securely positioned, even if you hit that speed bump a little faster than intended. Buy it

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