How to Hit On a Woman at the Gym Without Being Creepy

As told by a woman who teaches at one

July 18, 2016 9:00 am

I say this as fitness fanatic, yoga teacher and woman:

There is a right way to pick up a woman at the gym without being a creep.

Follow our five-step guide, and please: do sweat the details.

Start with a smile. Nothing else.
She’s obviously there to exercise and likely has on headphones. Translation: she can’t hear you, and probably doesn’t want to. Start small and smile at her, rather than force an awkward encounter of her having to rip out those earbuds. If she has zero reaction, it’s probably a no-go. A smile back means she’s interested. Wait until she’s off the treadmill or finished with reps, then go with a friendly hello while casually crossing paths.

Absolutely do not stare at or comment on her body.
As someone who lives in leggings, I’m well aware of how my glutes look in spandex. If I hear you verbalize it, I’ll label you as a creep (and probably warn other women). Instead, say something complimentary about an accessory such as sneakers or lifting gloves. Clearly, you already have one similar interest — you’re both working out — so play up another commonality to see if there’s a connection.

Don’t correct her workout
No one likes a know-it-all, so skip any sort of conversation that involves a critical evaluation of her technique. If you’re dying to talk to her, forgo saying anything about her form. Be direct with a simple “Hi, I’m Rob” and take it from there. (Note for dumb guys: Insert your own name for “Rob.”)

Please, stop grunting. And not just for her.
I get it, you’re deadlifting a heavy object. However, if I’m checking out you — or your muscles — and you sound like a Neanderthal, it’s a dealbreaker. Steady your breath (this will actually help you lift better and calm your system). Confidence is attractive; a juiced-up meathead is not.

Dress to impress.
I’m not talking about careful color coordination or the latest kicks — just don’t wear your old ratty Saturday morning tee or sweats with holes. Stick to a solid shirt and shorts that keep your boys supported and out of sight. And do not adjust areas below-the-belt while in her line of vision.

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