5 Corporate Gifts for the Discerning CEO

From leather treats to stiff drinks, send ‘em home happy

By The Editors
December 17, 2015 9:00 am

The holidays loom. Shopping days are few.

And whether your company is big or small, a struggling startup or publicly traded, it behooves the men (and women) in charge to keep the people happy. Hence: a lineup of five companies that make for perfect corporate gifting by giving you the option to customize their offerings with your brand logo or a personal message.

We can’t promise they’ll prevent the peons from going full Griswold on ya’, but they’ll certainly help your cause.

Treat House

A far cry from the ubiquitous fruitcakes and popcorn tins that go stale in the office kitchen, Treathouse offers their updated take on the beloved crispy rice and marshmallow treats of your youth. Plus: gluten-, nut- and dairy-free bites for those whose diets call for it. Put your logo on it. The 1.5 seconds it’ll last before they’re devoured will serve you well.

This is Ground

Call it a hunch, but we’re betting any giftee unwrapping a tech dopp kitt from This is Ground will have their day made every time they grab their gadgets from within and find them 100% tangle-free. Emblazon it with your logo and they’ll remember who to thank for all the time saved hunting down cords, adapters and batteries.

Say It On A Bottle

You’re on it, you say. You already have a plan for your colleagues and clients, you say. And it involves booze. Why not one up yourself with a custom engraved bottle? We like Say It On A Bottle, which offers a marketplace of fine booze to choose from. If you don’t want to choose, some tried and true Jack Daniels Single Barrel oughta do. You’ll be the subject of many toasts as long as the bottle lasts, and there’s nothin’ wrong with that.

JB Custom Journals

Simple, thoughtful, useful. What it lacks it glamor it makes up for in functionality, because despite what you may have heard, digital has not replaced handwritten outright. The perk is that those who use notebooks use them a lot, so your small gesture will pay for itself in no time.

Hudson Sutler

Functional: yes. Stylish as all get out: absolutely. These bags are a score in themselves, but they’ll likely also prompt the recipient to put it — and their latent gym membership —  to good use. Especially useful for the traveling crowd.

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