The Winner of This Scavenger Hunt Is Getting an Alfa Romeo

Be very, very quiet. We're hunting a free car.

By The Editors
December 2, 2015 9:00 am

Know what Bob Barker and sexy new auto mag The Drive have in common?


For free. With your ass in it.

The latter just launched The Hunt, an interactive scavenger hunt wherein the pot of gold is a fresh Italian roadster. 

Namely, the trés sexy, 237-horsepower Alfa Romeo 4C.

The Drive will hide clues for said hunt throughout a four-part video series that tracks the car’s progress over a 2,400 mile road trip. They just released the second video. With two more videos still under the hood, you’ve got plenty of time to drag a fine-tooth comb. 

Read the rules to get started. Second, if you haven’t logged onto your Twitter account since ‘09, now would be the time to remember your password. And three, put some clothes on, because winning will require some actual, physical, Carmen Sandiego-style hunting.

Once the road trip has come to an end, they’ll park the beauty at the unknown finish line somewhere between Los Angeles and New York. The first person to find the car, snap a photo of themselves with it and tag #huntfor4C on Twitter will win a pre-paid two-year lease. 

Call it a photo finish.

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